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    The Membership Advisor plays a key role in the club’s and company’s overall success by: 

    1) Achieving and exceeding membership sales and revenue goals and selling ancillary services; 

    2) Advising members and guests on programs that will help them meet their long and short term health and fitness goals; 

    3) Providing members and guests with top-notch service and enhancing their sense of belonging and community within the club; 

    4) Participating in the formulation and implementation of marketing-related functions and strategies that create membership leads, engage prospective and current members in the club’s products and services, build member loyalty, and optimize marketing ROI. 

    In addition to the primary roles and responsibilities described within, each member of the Membership Team embraces and follows the guidelines outlined in our Service Standards and plays a vital role in the success of the department, club, and company. Members of the Membership Team always represent the company while they are in the club and must maintain a professional manner in dealing with fellow staff, members, and guests. They must display a helpful and positive attitude and assist other departments when necessary. 


    1. Achieve financial performance results through the generation of new memberships and ancillary service sales and member retention. 

    Membership and Ancillary Revenue Sales 

    • Achieve or exceed individual membership sales goals by generating referrals, converting inquiries into appointments and following up with and closing prospects. 
    • Implement and adhere to all steps of the club’s sales process including assessing the needs of prospective members, providing a value-based presentation of the Lynx brand, programs and services, leading an enthusiastic and informative tour, presenting membership/service options and prices and closing sales. 
    • Follow-up with people that do not join. 
    • Actively develop leads through a variety of activities including telephone, Internet and community outreach and partnerships, corporate visits, referrals and special events. 
    • Utilize the lead tracking system to manage sales leads and member service and ensure all data related to prospects and members are inputted correctly and in a timely manner. 
    • Develop a Daily Action Plan (DAP). 
    • Create and submit membership sales reports as needed on a timely basis. 
    • Complete and submit all new member paperwork before leaving the club the day the member joins. For phone joins, complete all required paperwork within 72 hours of the join. 
    • Attend and participate in department and company meetings, member functions and outside marketing events. 
    • Know your competition and use that information to make suggestions or changes that enable your club to be “best in class” and achieve results. 
    • Act as the lead sales person related to large company/organization/residential sales. • Help integrate new members into the club by scheduling new member complimentary sessions at the point of sale and following up with them in timely increments in the first 90 days and throughout their membership. 
    • Create and deepen relationships with members and enhance their sense of belonging and community within the club by reaching out to “your” members in person and by phone and email. 
    • Develop and implement member communications initiatives that increase member retention and satisfaction and participation in revenue-producing services. 

    Member Retention 

    2. Participate in the development and implementation of marketing strategies that position Lynx to meet strategic membership goals. 

    • Enhance the Lynx brand by representing the company internally and externally in a variety of brand building activities. 

    • Provide ideas and feedback regarding sales promotions, the website and traditional and digital advertising. 

    • Work as part of a team to execute advertising and sales promotions, and serve as team leader on specific campaigns. 

    • Participate in creating high visibility and public awareness through partnerships and event opportunities. 

    • Provide ideas and feedback about internal and external communications and create and disseminate emails targeted to members and prospects about promotions and programs. 

    3. Create a customer service focused environment that is friendly, welcoming, and supportive, creates raving fans and seeks to provide members and guests with exceptional experiences (see Service Standards for more details). 

    • Ensure superior customer service by sustaining a culture, through actions and example, wholly committed to listening to members and guests, understanding their needs, and exceeding their expectations. 

    • Deal with member issues proactively, “own” member problems that come to your attention and solve those issues within a 24-hour period. 

    • Handle member freezes, upgrades and cancellations, always doing your best to “save” a membership whenever possible. 

    • Adhere to the guidelines set forth in our Service Standards. 

    4. Contribute to the effective and efficient running of the day-to-day operations of the clubs and company. 

    • Work as part of the overall team by respecting, supporting, and encouraging your co-workers, pitching in and assisting co-workers and other departments when necessary, and approaching challenges in a creative, positive, and team-centered manner. 

    • Maintain an active and working knowledge of Lynx’s services and promotions. 

    • Be proficient in all club software systems. 

    • Follow all club policies and procedures. 

    • Remain up-to-date on all individual, department and company communications by reading and responding to all individual and departmental emails. 

    • Attend all meetings, special events and education sessions to learn and provide feedback and share ideas on improving and building all aspects of the business. 

    • Contribute to maintaining club-wide standards of cleanliness. 

    5. Perform other duties as required. Employee responsibilities are subject to change at any time. 

    Work Schedule 

    This is a full-time exempt position. Your daily schedule will vary throughout the week depending on the needs of the club, the staff, and the members. Your hours will include primetime hours and some weekends and holidays. Special events, promotions, and other demands will require some early mornings and late nights. 

    Blackout Dates 

    Busiest Months – January, February, September, October, March: Depending on how the business is doing, we may be able to be flexible in September, October and March. However, we would prefer that time off be taken during the other months of the year. 

    Closeout – Last 2 days of each month: All managers are expected to be present in the club on the last two days of each month no matter what days of the week they fall on. However, if goals are hit prior to the last two days of the month, managers may not have to be present during closeout. 

    Key Performance Evaluation Factors 

    1. Ability to exemplify and live the company’s core values 

    2. Ability to meet department and individual sales goals 

    3. Ability to meet individual prospect and member follow-up goals 

    4. Ability to fulfill essential duties 

    5. Contribution and proactive participation as part of the company’s membership team. 


    • A passion for health and wellness and the ability to influence people in overcoming their obstacles to exercising, joining a fitness club, and in making lifestyle changes. 
    • Enjoys networking and building relationships – comfortable on the phone and doing in-person outreach throughout the community. 
    • Commitment to providing top-notch customer service and some experience working in a fast-paced customer service role. 
    • Computer-savvy and proficient in using programs such as Word & Excel. 
    • Team player who approaches challenges in a creative and positive manner. 
    • Experience in a sales environment focused on attaining revenue and unit goals is a plus. 
    • Bachelor’s degree. 

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    Job CategoryCustomer Relations, Sales

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    1. Courtney Stredder says:

      Dear Hiring Manager,

      Thank you for your consideration of my application for the membership advisor position.

      I am uniquely qualified for the position because of my time spent as a membership advisor and my experience in customer service, marketing, and management. I am passionate about living an active lifestyle and helping others find ways to incorporate fitness into their lives. My genuine interest in the industry combined with my self-motivated and energetic personality has led me to have success as a membership advisor.

      In addition to my professional experience, I earned a Master of Music in Marimba Performance. Although this degree is not directly related, it has led me to be strongly disciplined and given me the ability to creatively problem solve, collaborate with others, and constantly strive to promote my passions.

      Thank you for your time.

      Courtney Stredder

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