Nutrition Challenge

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April 9, 2018

Nutrition Challenge

What is it?

This is a 6-week challenge led by Lynx’s own personal trainer, Nicole Parolisi, MS Nutrition. The challenge is based off of overall body fat percentage (per our InBody machine). The person with the largest body fat percentage loss, wins!


What do I win?

1st, 2nd and 3rd place win prizes, based on the overall pool. You can also win raffle prizes by attending our weekly nutrition seminars (see below).


When does it start?

Monday, April 30th. All those entering must complete their initial InBody assessment by 4/30. Once you sign up, Nicole will reach out to schedule this for you.


How do I enter?

Sign up at the front desk – $30 to participate.


What support will I get?

Nicole, with her MS Nutrition, will give you the support, knowledge & encouragement needed to achieve your goals through optional weekly nutrition seminars.

Nutrition Seminar Topics

Tue. 5/1

Where to begin in a nutrition program

Tue. 5/8

Preparing for success

Tue. 5/15

Macros (what are they? do we need all of them?)

Tue. 5/22

Exercise and Nutrition Supplementation

Tue. 5/29

Nutrition Myths debunked

Tue. 6/5

Eating well for life

Tue. 6/7

Final assessment & Celebration

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